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1.1 Introduction: Installing DollyDrive Getting Started

Welcome to Dolly Drive!

Here’s a brief overview of how to install DollyDrive on your Mac, and an introduction to Dolly’s components.

Log in and download

v2. User Manual 1.1


If you haven’t downloaded the DollyDrive application, head over to dollydrive.com and click Login.

Click your username in the upper-right corner, and choose Download from the dropdown menu. On the next page, click Download to get the latest version of DollyDrive. From here, you can also go directly to the App Store to download DollyDrive’s iPhone client iDolly.

Install the DollyDrive Application

To install the application, simply open the .zip file you downloaded. It’s probably in your Downloads folder. Drag the DollyDrive application into Applications to install.

The DollyDrive Status Bar

This is DollyDrive’s status bar. It’s the primary way to interact with all your Dolly services. To open the Status Bar, click on the DollyDrive icon in your Mac’s menu bar.

To access a particular DollyDrive service, click its icon at the top of the Status Bar.

Cloud Backup: DollyDrive gives you effortless off-site cloud backup. Set it and forget it, and if disaster ever strikes, all your stuff will be securely stored and ready to be restored. Use the Inclusions Assistant to specify exactly what gets backed up, and Scheduler to determine how often your Mac syncs to the cloud.

Space: Dolly space is your own private online file storage. Save hard-drive space by storing your files in the cloud, and access your most important documents anywhere in the world Additionally, you can set files and folders to sync to multiple Macs and iOS devices.

Local Backup: Local Backup works just like Cloud Backup, but on a local drive. You can backup to a portable external drive, or to a second volume on your Mac.

Clone: To get back up and running as quickly as possible, Dolly Clone creates a complete backup of your entire system. With Dolly Clone, recovering from a disater can be as quick as restarting your Mac.

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