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1.2 DollyDrive Preferences

In DollyDrive 2.0, all your preferences are consolidated into one location.

Accessing Preferences

To access Preferences, click the DollyDrive Status Bar icon, then click the gears in the upper-left corner. Choose Preferences.

Using the new Preferences window

Preferences settings for each of the DollyDrive services can be set in this window. To change preference settings for a particular service, click it’s icon in the left-hand column, and adjust preferences on the right. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to move between groups of related preferences.

Cloud Backup Preferences

By default, DollyDrive will back up your entire user folder, which is located at Uses/username. To change your backup or add additional locations, use the Inclusions section under the Backup tab.

To add an item to your backup, click the Plus icon. DollyDrive will create a new inclusion in your list. Click the Folder icon to launch a Finder window. Navigate to the folder, file, or drive that you want to include, and click the Open.

To remove an item from the list, use the Minus icon.

When you’re done adding Inclusions, click Save, or Cancel to leave your backup settings unchanged.

Cloud Backup also ignores certain locations by default, including some invisible files and system files. If you have specific locations you want to exclude from your Cloud Backup, add them to your Exclusions using the same process as for Inclusions.

Scheduler Preferences

The Scheduler tab allows you to specify when and how often you want DollyDrive to backup the cloud. For manual backups, leave the switch Off, and Dolly will only backup when you choose Start Cloud Backup from the Status Bar.

To set up automatic backups, slide the switch to On. By default, DollyDrive will set your backups to hourly, but you can use the slider to set your Cloud Backup for every 2-24 hours. Use the Skip Backups Between checkbox to suspend backups between specified times.

When you’re done configuring your backup schedule, click Save, or Cancel to leave your backup settings unchanged.

Keep in mind that DollyDrive will start your backup based on the last time a backup completed, so large backups that take longer than your backup interval will not trigger subsequent backups until a backup has finished. For example, if your backups are set to run hourly, a backup could start at 1:00 PM. If that backup completes at 2:27 PM because you recently imported several large video files, the next backup would run at 3:27 PM.

When you’re done scheduling, click Save, or Cancel to leave your backup settings unchanged.

Restore Preferences

The Restore tab lets you set a destination for restored files. Check the box for Restore to origin location if you want to restore backed up files to the same location as the original file. Alternately, you can specify a single location for all restored files. To specify a location, uncheck the box, and click the folder icon. Navigate to your preferred restore location, and click Open.

Show hidden files in restore views allows you to toggle between showing and hiding invisible files. In most cases, leave the box unchecked.

You won’t won’t need to use the Rebuild Backups Cache button unless directed to by DollyDrive support staff.

When you’re done scheduling, click Save, or Cancel to leave your backup setting unchanged.

Advanced Preferences

Only change settings in the Advanced tab if you know what you are doing.

To change the number of files DollyDrive backs up simultaneously, increase Max Parallel Executions. You can also increase the Chunk Size. Increasing these numbers will increase the speed of your Dolly backup, but it will also use more resources on your Mac. To lower the bandwidth used by DollyDrive, you can lower these numbers below their 4/4,000 default settings.

Please do not change the DollyDrive Revo Api Server setting unless advised by support.

When you’re done adjusting preferences, click Save, or Cancel to leave your backup settings unchanged.

Local Backup Preferences

Local Backup preferences offers the same options as Cloud Backup. For more on each of these settings, see the Cloud Backup section of this manual.

By maintaining separate preferences for local and cloud backups, DollyDrive allows you to create a different backup set for each service, as well as maintaining separate schedules for your local and cloud backups.

By default, Dolly Drive will store your local backup in /Users/Shared. We recommend that you back up to a second hard drive, to guard against drive failure. To change you backup location, click the folder icon, then navigate to your backup location and choose Open.

When you’re done adjusting preferences, click Save, or Cancel to leave your backup settings unchanged.

Space Preferences

Please do not change Space preferences unless advised by support.

Clone Preferences

The Clone Preferences let you schedule your clones. The scheduler operated the same way as the Scheduler for Cloud and Local backups.

Keep in mind that creating a clone will erase your entire destination drive.

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