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3.1 iDolly

Use iDolly to access your Space files on your iOS device.

Using iDolly

Install iDolly via the App Store on your iOS device.

Enter your DollyDrive credentials, and tap Login.

Tap on a file or folder to open it. When you open a file, iDolly will download a local copy to your  iOS device.

To open a file in another application for editing, tap the Send To icon in the upper-right corner. Then choose a compatible app from the pop-up pane.

View Your Storage Information

To see how much Space you are currently using, tap the Home icon.

iDolly Settings

To change your Max download file size or Max cache size, use the sliders. You can clear your cached data by tapping the Clear Cache button. This will delete any locally stored files from your device, but your originals will be available for download in Space.

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