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2.1 Using the Web Interface

In addition to DollyDrive’s Mac & iOS applications, there’s also a web interface, where you can manage & share files in Space, as well as submit feedback to our support team, and sign up to test beta versions of DollyDrive.

Accessing the Web Interface

To use DollyDrive’s web portal, sign into your account at www.dollydrive.com. The Summary tab offers details about your account, including a summary

Space on the Web

Clicking on Space in the navigation pane will take you to Dolly Space. All your files and folders archived or synced with Dolly Space will appear here. Click on a folder to open it, or click on Space at the top of the list to return to any folder in your hierarchy. You can also use the buttons in the top right to Upload new files, or create a New Folder.

Downloading and Sharing Files


To download files simply click on the linked filename, and it will download to your Mac.

To share a file, right-click a filename to bring up the contextualmenu. Get link will pop up a window with a private link. TO send a link via email, choose Invite to folder and use DollyDrive’s email integration to compose and send your message. These options can also be accessed from the More menu in the upper-right corner of the web interface.

Sharing Options

To share your file, enter an email address, and an optional personal message. Your recipient will receive an email from DollyDrive, with details of the file you have shared, and a link to download it. To share with multiple recipients, enter addresses separated by commas. Additional options for sharing can be set in the Permission and Visibility tabs.


The Permission tab lets you manage access to shared files. Sharing a file allows recipients to open and download shared files, so Read/Download is checked by default. You can optionally allow users to rename & delete files by checking Rename/Delete. If you want to allow recipients to create folders and upload new files, select Create/Upload.


You can adjust your files’ security settings in the Visibility tab. By default, shared files are Private, which means that users will need to be logged into a DollyDrive account to access files. You can also set Visibility to Public. Anyone with the link to a public file will be able to access it.

Working with Images in Space


DollyDrive’s web interface automatically creates a gallery-style layout for all your images. Clicking on an image will bring up a gallery view for the current folder. Click a thumbnail to browse images. When you find the image you want to download, simply click on the Download button.

To share a photo, click Share and Dolly will create a special shareable link to that photo, which you can copy and paste into an email, instant message, or anywhere else you’d like to share the image. When you share an image via a link, anyone with the link will be able to view and download your content, without needing to login to DollyDrive.

When you’re done viewing or sharing images, click Close to go back to Space’s file view.

Get Info, Deleting & Renaming Files

To see more details about a file you’ve stored in Space, select it and choose Get Info. DollyDrive will display a pop up with the file’s name, size, modified date, and sharing details.

You can also delete and rename files using Dolly’s web interface. To delete a file, select your file by clicking on it, then choose Delete from the contextual menu or More menu. A confirmation will appear, to make sure you don’t toss anything out by mistake. Click Delete to move the file to Trash, or Cancel to leave it Space.

To view items in Trash, click Recycle Bin in the left-hand column. For more on Dolly’s Trash, see section 1.3 of this manual.

To Rename a file, select it and choose Rename. Type a new name for your file and click Rename, or Cancel to go back.


Using DollyDrive’s web interface, you can access your backups from anywhere, and download files as needed.


The Sharing pane shows you all your shared files in one place. To un-share a file that you have previously shared with others, click Remove Link. Files that have been shared with you by other DollyDrive users will appear in the Shared With Me tab.


To send feedback to the DollyDrive team, click Feedback in the left column. Choose the product you want to talk about, and enter your message in the fields provided. Click Send Feedback and you’re done. For more support options, check out section 3.1 of this manual.

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