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2.2 Changing your Password

To change your DollyDrive password, you’ll need to change it first in Dolly’s web interface, and then update the DollyDrive application on your Mac to use the new password. Here’s how to do it.

Create a New Account Password

To change your password, head to www.dollydrive.com. Click Login in the upper-right.

On the login page, enter your username and password, then click Login.

On your account page, click your username, and choose Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Change under Password Information. A link to change your password will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Click the link in your password reset email. Enter your new password into the New Password filed, and then enter it again in the next field to confirm the change. Click Change when you’re done.

Update Your Password in DollyDrive

Quit DollyDrive by opening the Status Bar, clicking the gear icon, and choosing Quit from the menu.

To update your DollyDrive password, open Keychain Access on your Mac. You’ll find it in Applications/Utilities.

To quickly find DollyDrive’s credentials, type “revo” into the search filed in the upper-right corner.

Open the entry named com.cirrusthinking.DollyDrive-Revo. Check the box marked Show Password. Your Mac will ask for your login password (the password you sue to start up your Mac). Enter your login password, and type your new DollyDrive password into the Show Password field. Click Save Changes when you’re done, and quit Keychain Access.

To complete your password change, Restart DollyDrive.


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